Downspout Cleanout

Roof Downspout Cleanout

Making Sure Your Gutter System Is Working Properly Is Crucial.

Making sure that your home is maintained, doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Affordable Drain Flow, we can help you keep your roof downspout cleaned and ready to roll for the next season. The process of cleaning this out is something that many people dread, but when you call our professionals, you will get high-quality service at a great price every single time. We understand that some things are better left to others just for the simple fact that they are time-consuming to do and that they aren’t always done correctly by someone who has never done it before.

This job may not seem like a big deal, but making sure that rainwater is moving in the right direction and does not flood your basement or foundation is critical in keeping your home safe and working correctly. Our drain cleaning experts know just what to do in this kind of situation and will be able to get it cleaned out for you in no time. When you need your roof downspout cleaned in Dorchester, MA, give us a call at (617) 830-7870 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to get that done for you right away.

What Is a Downspout?

When it is pouring outside, the rain only has one place to go and if you let it go, it can flood certain areas of your yard and home. This is why gutters were created so that water could be rerouted to specified areas and be kept under control. The next part of this system is the downspout. Without this piece, the water would be rerouted but it would shoot directly onto the ground, defeating the entire purpose. The downspout portion is the attachment that goes onto the bottom of the gutter and turns it away from your building or homes’ foundation. These are especially important on metal buildings because they are more prone to water and moisture damage from heavy rain.

A downspout will be able to place water in a specific area and not just sitting on the ground right next to the home or building. When water is not transferred to other areas like the sewer, it can end up flooding places like basements. If you want to know more about the importance of these pieces, give us a call and we would be happy to help you and also get yours cleaned right away to prevent backup and overflow.

How To Keep Your Downspout Clean

It may seem like a lot, but keeping up with your downspout cleaning at least once a month is an important part of taking care of your system. It is most important to check up on these during the fall and winter time. In the fall, leaves fall inside of these and can clog them up very fast causing backups to happen. If you would like to take a look inside of your system yourself, the best way to go about that is to make sure that you have a sturdy ladder on hand. Check your downspout drain so that you can see if any leaves, sticks, or other debris have gotten trapped in there and then pull them out if they have. You have to be very careful during this process because if you have plastic gutters, they can be broken or punctured pretty easily. This is why we recommend that you call a professional from Affordable Drain Flow to help make sure that you are taken care of so that your gutter system does not end up ruined or damaged.

It gets very cold in Dorchester, MA, so you will need to make sure that these are cleared out so that snow does not build up inside and end up causing damage. When you call one of our professionals for a downspout cleaning, we will come out to your home and take a look at the area that needs to be cleaned. Once we clear out the entire section of the downspout system for you, we will have you take a look if you’d like and then we can go over regular, maintenance with you. If you would like us to do regular maintenance for you, we can have it scheduled ahead of time that way we just come out on that day and get it done for you.

For these kinds of outdoor projects, you don’t even have to be home if you don’t want to be. That means no wasted time for you, no missing work, and you get the confidence that your downspout is doing the best job for you that it can. Give us a call at (617) 830-7870 and our professional drain cleaners will be more than happy to come out and get this job done for you at your earliest convenience.