Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer Line Repairs in Dorchester, MA

Having Your Pipes Cleaned Out Will Help Avoid Further Issues.

If you’ve never had a sewer line problem, consider yourself lucky. This is a problem that no home or business owner wants to have to deal with. When your sewer has an issue, the whole home will feel it or rather smell it. That is because the stuff that travels through your sewer lines are from places like your toilet or from your sink. When one of these lines gets clogged, it can back up into other plumbing openings in your home like coming out of your shower drain, sink faucets, and kitchen sink. Not only is this terrible as far as smell goes, but it can be really gross and carry a lot of unwanted bacteria.

When your water or sewer line needs a repair done, you can count on the drain experts at Affordable Drain Flow to get the job done right away and for the best price possible. Pipes can become clogged and if the problem is not taken care of it can become cracked and begin to leak. Neither a broken water pipe or sewer line is a good problem to have and both can cause bad smells throughout your home, more pipe damage that is unseen, and higher water bills as well.

When you suspect that you need some kind of water or sewer line repair, but don’t know where it is, you can have a plumber come out and insert a small camera called a sewer line camera inspection and find out where the problem is located. This will allow the plumber to come up with the best solution possible and also find the issue much quicker than ever before. A few signs that you may need a sewer line repair would be, bad smell coming from drains, water that keeps rising up from the drain, and a gurgling noise that is coming from the water in your drains. If you think you need a sewer line repair in Dorchester, MA, call us at (617) 830-7870 and our team will be able to help you.

How Sewer Lines Become Blocked

A blocked up sewer line can happen in many different ways. Getting your sewer lines cleaned out is important because so many different things flow through them. You should be aware that food and grease can get caught in your drains very easily. They grab onto other items that pass by and form clogs. Hair and soap scum are right up there with them, causing bathtub and shower drain clogs all of the time.